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Meet Natasha

Virtual Business Support Professional

Lao Tzu said the journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step.


And well, if I’m being completely transparent, my virtual journey hasn’t exactly gone step-by-step.

It’s been more of a weird dance where I often find myself trying to find my rhythm.


But it didn’t begin with a single step …

HELLO! I’m Natasha John and I would love to share a little bit more insight into who I am as a human and why I do what I do.

During my career, I’ve shifted industries and roles on numerous occasions.

I have gone from law enforcement to customer service, administration to tech support, management to teaching, and even explored my artistic abilities for a while by jumping into beauty and cosmetics.

No matter what path I set myself on, everything felt a little awkward.

Although I put my best foot forward every single time, and I often excelled at all every role (because, hey--- I try to do everything with excellence) nothing felt quite right.


That was until the day I discovered the big world of virtual assisting.

As it turns out, I was never destined to be in a corporate role, I was destined for the virtual world and my true hearts desire was to be a freelancer.

Natasha John (1).png

As a virtual assistant I have the wonderful opportunity to support business owners in multiple industries and help them build their dream businesses. And because I’m operating virtually as a business manager and administrator drawing from all my experiences and roles and utilizing transferable skills, I help them grow and scale their business – the location of my clients is not limiting. A win-win for everyone!

And guess what?

I am happy to share with you … I finally found my rhythm. And oh so much more than that … I truly LOVE what I do, the businesses I am able to help, the people I meet along the way, and I’m ever so excited to see what the future holds.

My career journey is now rhythmically moving forward and step by step I have the luxury of doing what I love and support others in the process. And it all started with those famous words by Lao Tzu … just one single step.


So, if you have ever felt anything like me (struggling to find your groove and rhythm) and one point or another …

Let’s talk!


I would love to be able to offer you some insight and expertise if you feel you’re in need some day-to-day support.

It will work if you work it.

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